Design your digital office in Zoom

Jun 03, 2020 | Posted in Work culture

Coworking Brussels - Fosbury and Sons Boitsfort

Did you know you can set up a custom background for all your Zoom meetings? Say goodbye to showing your colleagues your messy living room or kitchen; and hello beautiful office-like-backgrounds! Don't know which background to pick? Fosbury & Sons got you covered!

How to set up your virtual background in Zoom

Step by step

Sign in to Zoom desktop client.

Click on Settings.

Click on Virtual Background.

Click on an image to select the desired virtual background, or add your own image by clicking +Add Image

Click on the buttons below to download your favorite images of Harmony, Boitsfort or Prinsengracht!

Board Room - coworking Antwerp - Fosbury & Sons Harmony
Living Room - coworking Amsterdam - Fosbury and Sons Prinsengracht
Coworking Brussels - Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort