Say hello to Fons Jr. 2.0

Jun 10, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

Fons Jr. App - coworking Antwerp - Brussels - Amsterdam

Fons Jr. to the rescue!

We are pleased to inform you that our little Fons Jr. has had a growth spurt during the last few weeks. In these bizarre circumstances, Fons Jr. will guide you through your workday. Let's list up all the novelties that our Fons Jr is now capable of.

Fons Jr. - coworking - Fosbury and Sons - Antwerp - Brussels - Amsterdam

What's new?


Easily switch through the different Fosbury & Sons locations. Have all the information right where you need them.


Next to reserving a Meeting Room, you can now book a Shared Desk in the Open Space or a private Desk in your Suite.

Want to reduce the number of seats available in your Suite to respect the 1.5m rule? Just ask our team to adjust the settings for you.


Little hungry? With the Fons Jr. you can pre-order your lunch. It will be packed safely and ready for pick-up at noon.


Don't miss out on your package at the Front Desk or the upcoming events, Fons Jr. will alert you right away.

Other features


Catch up with other Members and get to know all the cool companies located at Fosbury & Sons. Broaden your network through a game of pool or a cup off coffee (*In the upcoming weeks, on a safe distance please).


Fons Jr. will inform you about all events organized by the Fosbury team. Workshops, lectures, trainings or online webinars, we've got you covered.


Out of printing paper or coffee beans? Let us know and your spaceman will come to the rescue!

Update Fons Jr. to get access to this new features!

(TIP: erase the app completely from your smartphone and download Fons Jr. again from the store. This way, no doubt you have the most recent version)