Meet the Members: NedWorks

Jun 18, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

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Meet the Members:

Reinier from NedWorks

Let's put a spotlight on our Members! Meet Reinier from NedWorks. We had a talk with him on how his company coped with the exceptional situation of the past few months, and how he adopted the RELAY program of Fosbury & Sons.

Meet The Members - Coworking Brussels - Fosbury and Sons Alfons

About NedWorks

NedWorks is a Digital Talent Agency with a Mission. The team shares the passion to connect companies with digital professionals by creating people-centric opportunities,
and building a community that inspires.

With eight years of experience in connecting and inspiring the community of Digital Professionals in Belgium to co-create opportunities and solve challenges, they have become the market leader in building digital teams.

For companies they believe that the lightning-fast digital revolution creates a chain-reaction of opportunities. Opportunities to solve challenges by combining Strategy, Talent and Growth. And for Digital Talent out there, they strive to find the perfect job that matches personal career ambitions. Their team of specialists offers guidance and support to help their clients grow.

How did COVID-19 impact the way of working at your company?

"Surprisingly the overall impact was minimal. We're used to working with cloud-based tools and even before COVID our main way of communication is e-mail, voice or video call. So really the only change was the external meetings and interviews with talent at our offices, for which we also switched to video calls. Except for the lack of social contact between NedWorkers, that was more difficult. We're a tight knit team so not seeing each other for such a long time was a bit of a bummer!"

What's the impact of COVID-19 on your office space?

"None, the offices and shared rooms here at F&S are very spacious (to be specific, there are tables that are 10 meters long). There’s also plenty of room in our own office. F&S provides enough meeting/working space next to the allocated offices to keep a safe distance."

How does F&S respond to your needs of today?

"Very good, everything we need is easily accessible. There’s a disinfection dispenser installed at the entrance and exit of the building, paper place mats are provided to create your own working bubble, stickers on the floor indicate waiting areas etc. Luckily, the soap here at F&S smells amazing - so no doubt people wash their hands regularly."

How does your company look at the future of work? What is your ideal office solution?

"We believe that COVID has drastically accelerated (even forced!) the need for companies to deeply embed a strong digital strategy. Technology is in this the means that can guarantee continuity. This sudden change has also rapidly changed the demands of the workforce to cope with the new ‘new’. So we believe companies (and their cultures) are going to have to let go of old views like seeing remote meetings as a barrier, or working from home as non-productive. We’re moving towards a company environment with very flexible working hours, a more remote workforce that works from home, a cafe or offices like F&S. This to stimulate flexibility, while guaranteeing that informal working culture - because in the end, we're all human."