Meet the Members: Audio Obscura

Jun 30, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

Meet The Members - Coworking Amsterdam - Fosbury and Sons Prinsengracht

Meet the Members:

Jeroen from Audio Obscura

Let's put a spotlight on our Members! Meet Jeroen from Audio Obscura. We had a talk with him on how his company coped with the exceptional situation of the past few months, and how he adopted the RELAY program of Fosbury & Sons.

Meet The Members - Coworking Amsterdam - Fosbury and Sons Prinsengracht

About Audio Obscura

Audio Obscura is a platform, a movement, a wave, born out of love for underground electronic music. Audio Obscura reshapes the landscape of art and electronic music by bringing the legends of tomorrow to the most iconic historical venues of the world.

How did COVID-19 impact the way of working at your company?

"With COVID-19 came the immediate stop on events. Organizing events is still our main conduct of business. We made an important immediate decision based on our belief it would take a long time before events could be possible again: “We don’t want to be positioned as a victim due to COVID-19 and the impact it has on our industry”. Due to this belief we strongly felt to look at opportunities and become entrepreneurial."

What's the impact of COVID-19 on your office space?

"We moved into Fosbury & Sons this January while we were in the middle of our SKALAR project – it was a month long light art installation in the Gashouder in Amsterdam. The set-up of Fosbury & Sons with the flexibility of adding members fits perfect with the way Audio Obscura works, since we build project teams depending on what the specific project requires. This way we are able to scale our team up and down. During COVID-19 this meant only Naut and I were at the office."

How does your company look at the future of work? What is your ideal office solution?

"Fosbury & Sons will remain an interesting office solution for us, we see no reason to change this. We can do our online meetings, our office meetings, scale up and down.

In terms of our future projects, some of them are tending more towards art and some more towards content. Even under the 1,5 meter distance condition we are able to proceed in these projects. Of course we hope events are able to start up again soon; not only our fans but we miss it too!"