We are all
human beings
we work together
in an elegant way
with a certain
joie de vivre

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A company, a family, is made out of human beings. On a daily basis, when we work together, we have to interact. The way we deal with each other, both inside and outside our organization, matters.

From our colleagues to our vendors, our members to our visitors, we treat with compassion, sympathy and respect, as it should be.

The human thing

"Treat others as you would like others to treat you"

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A night to remember

We work

A natural consequence of humans interacting is synergy. All of us are part of a bigger story; the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

People need other people to be happy – that’s where the power lies, whether it’s a soccer team, a marriage or the simple joy of giving up your subway seat. Each person takes up their responsibility, with support of the other. Exchange and complementarity are key. One person can only go so fast; together we can move mountains.

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"a human is a
collective creature,
we need connection
to be happy."

Dirk De Wachter - Psychiatrist

Fosbury & Sons – what’s in a name – is the work of more than one individual.
The synergy is within us: some of our members are also our business partners and vice versa. We strive to reach beyond the walls between people and companies.
Collectively, we’re capable of tackling any challenge. Let’s not complain about problems. Think about solutions. Show us that entrepreneurial spirit.


There’s something about elegance. On the one hand it’s about an inherent beauty, and on the other, it’s about a measured energy.

In a world where expectations are high, quality is a given. Where others seek quality, we seek to elevate that quality to the higher state of elegance. As beneficiaries of prosperity and economic growth, we realize that infinite expansion is not realistic, let alone desirable.

We’d like to grow from a welfare state into a well-being state. A state of mind that puts quality of life first.


With a certain
joie de vivre

What’s life without joy? If there’s one thing we tend to forget about when it comes to our workday, it’s to inject a bit of fun into it.

We spend a considerable chunk of our time at work, so let’s make sure we enjoy it too – life’s too short.

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. We’re not the sole possessors of truth. There’s relief in getting it wrong sometimes, and there’s humor in learning the hard way. In the Fosbury & Sons workplace, there’s space for laughter and pleasure. In that positive energy, results are booked.

The sheer enjoyment of life steers us forward and makes us experience things together. What better way to be, in both life and work, than to share, do, learn, evolve, create, and feel together?


"Never underestimate the power of a smile."