Meet the Members: b.fine

Sep 23, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

Meet the Members - Coworking - Bert de Vriendt - Albert Brussels

Meet the Members:

Bert from b.fine

Let's put a spotlight on our Members! Meet Bert from b.fine. We had a talk with him on how his company coped with the exceptional situation of the past few months, and how he adopted the RELAY program of Fosbury & Sons.

Meet the Members - Coworking - Bert de Vriendt - Albert Brussels

About b.fine

b.fine is a Belgian-based RegTech company on a mission to industrialize the regulatory reporting processes for financial institutions. To achieve this goal, b.fine created an innovative and collaborative SAAS platform called b.rx which is finally bringing regulatory reporting to the 21st century.

Today, several banks rely on b.fine’s expertise to transform their time-consuming reporting processes into an effective reporting supply chain via different type of engagement models.

How did COVID-19 impact the way of working at your company?

"The overall impact was minimal as our company was already frequently making use of technology to interact on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the pandemic has been a signifant boost to teleworking, both for our software division as for our consultancy business.

During this time, it was crucial to keep the team spirit alive by introducing events such as the virtual apero to make sure that colleagues could continue to interact in an informal way."

What's the impact of COVID-19 on your office space?

"We moved to Fosbury & Sons at the start of the pandemic, so the initial setup of our office space had to change because of that. Some desks were removed in our office to ensure a safe distance amongst colleagues while other staff members could make use of the various shared office spaces. In periods of extensive teleworking, we could easily scale down the team because of the flexible resident concept where we can align our office needs with our business needs."

How does F&S respond to your needs of today?

"F&S is doing an excellent job at ensuring safe working conditions by making use of clear signs, soap dispensers, regular communication updates etc.

In case of questions or doubts, the F&S staff members are always there to help us!

How does your company look at the future of work? What is your ideal office solution?

"The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted a trend which already began several years ago.

In the future, large companies will still have headquarters, but as more companies offer telecommute options and hire remotely, there will be less demand for brick and mortar offices. Technology will continue to play an even bigger role as connectivity will continue to increase. With growing population, making efficient use of (office) space will become more and more important.

For b.fine, the perfect office solution is a place where you want to go, not a place where you have to go."