Tips on how to video conference call

Apr 15, 2020 | Posted in Work culture

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As this remote lifestyle kicks in, many organizations are investing rapidly in video conferencing technology. Many organizations are integrating video connectivity into every sized meeting room around the office. Let us show you the best tips on how to organize an efficient video conference call.

Most of you have heard of Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Microsoft Teams or have attended an online meeting or webinar. Today, it is the most convenient way to get lots of people together. Even now, it is more important to stay connected with your team, your business partners, and your customers. Video conferencing is the platform to achieve all that. What most people don’t know, is that the same application that makes video conferencing between two people extremely simple, can also be extended to a conference room. The following tips will make sure your video conference call will run smoothly.

Don’t waste time during the meeting by being unprepared

Like any other (physical) meeting, preparation is key. Set up discussion points beforehand, and prepare a good structure and time schedule. Other than that, you must always test the equipment setup, whether you are joining from a laptop or a mobile phone. Typically you can run a test process to ensure your app or browser interface are connecting properly. Running these tests will spare you time and will ensure that you can see and hear others and vice versa.

Don’t allow your camera positioning to become a distraction

Be sure that your camera is well positioned on the main monitor you will be using for the video conference. A camera that is pointed too low on your body or pointed somewhere else in the room can be both distracting and unflattering, and we don’t want that! So make sure the camera is in a stable position and focused at your eye level. You’ll see it will allow more direct engagement with the other meeting participants.

Don’t multitask during video meetings

Oh yes, we are all guilty of occasionally multitasking during web conferences. Yet in a video conference, everyone can see you. Quick responding to another mail? We can see you. Checking your mobile phone? We got you there. So eliminate distractions and have a clear focus on the meeting. Turn off all notifications, close running applications and mute your mobile phone. These are just basic etiquette rules you have to take in mind.

So, let’s convert these tips into practice. Our Fosbury & Sons Team will be happy to help with setting you up properly for your video conference meeting. Discover all our services of our meeting rooms here.

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