Meet the Members:
we talk to Damien from Right's Up

Dec 09, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

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Meet the Members:

Right's Up

We are all human beings. We work together in an elegant way, with a certain joie de vivre. Fosbury & Sons – what’s in a name – is the work of more than one individual. The synergy is within us: some of our Members are also our business partners and vice versa. Now is the time to put a spotlight on our Members! We talk to Damien Morjane from Right's Up. A beloved member of Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort.

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About Right's Up

Damien Morjane is the co-founder and CEO of Rights’Up and its little brother, The adventure started in 2012, when Quentin Verhaege (his business partner and co-founder) and Damien realized that there was a need for a streamlined, centralized platform for artists and labels to collect their neighboring rights. That’s where Rights’Up comes in - a software that does just that. In 2018, they took it a step further with our royalty accounting software solution for labels, Their international team of 13 employees is spread across Berlin, New York, and Brussels, here at Fosbury & Sons for the past year and a half.

Why Fosbury & Sons?

"We wanted something quite open, yet that still felt like our own space. We have our own private office, but we still enjoy the common spaces for a call, lunch or a quick coffee break. There is a great dynamic vibe here which is only enhanced by the beautiful architecture and tasteful design. My dog, Billie, also enjoys relaxing in the office with an occasional greeting from the other dog on our floor."

What do you like most about Fosbury & Sons?

"What I like most about Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort is the overall atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and, of course, the coffee machine."

What is your favorite working spot at Boitsfort?

"My favorite working spot would probably be my desk in our office. Located right next to a large window, I love looking out and enjoying the beautiful, verdant view. Perfect for a brief intermezzo between two calls."