Fosbury & Sons and design:
We had a talk with Charlotte from Hija Studio

Dec 03, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

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Fosbury & Sons and design: We had a talk with Hija Studio

Here at Fosbury & Sons, art and design goes hand in hand. As you walk through every location of F&S, you’ll discover fine selected design pieces even in the smallest corner. Maybe you have even spotted the stunning paravent by Hija Studio, which complements one of our meeting rooms. We had a chat with Charlotte from Hija Studio.

Charlotte Vlerick is an interior architect and furniture designer. She loves travelling and she has spent some years abroad, working in Amsterdam, New York and Sao Paulo. It was only after working for other companies that she started to develop her own design language, which she describes as warm minimalism, a style that embraces refined materials and a strongly embedded sense of craftsmanship. As a result, she decided to take the big leap two years ago and started her own creative studio in her hometown Antwerp. Hija Studio came to life.

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How did you develop your interest in design?

"I have always experienced a drive and attraction to aesthetics and wanted to create spaces and objects that bring us calm and comfort."

Where do you get your inspiration from?

"Exploring a new culture and looking for detailed craftsmanship while travelling."

Why did you choose to work at Fosbury & Sons?

"I was looking for a workspace with like minded people; as many of them here at F&S are giving their 'first go' to set up their own business. Aside that it’s a great space to welcome your clients."

If you have to pick out one, what is your favourite working spot at Fosbury & Sons?

"It’s difficult to choose, I love the flexibility as a resident to move and work wherever I feel like each day. But during these strange corona days I would say the main lobby is a favourite spot."

Pictures below - Photography: Marieke Verdenius
Paravent "AKI" in collab with Nathalie Van der Massen

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