Meet the Members:
we talk to Andy Nijs

Dec 31, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

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Meet the Members:

Andy Nijs

We are all human beings. We work together in an elegant way, with a certain joie de vivre. Fosbury & Sons – what’s in a name – is the work of more than one individual. The synergy is within us: some of our Members are also our business partners and vice versa. Now is the time to put a spotlight on our Members! We talk to Andy Nijs. A beloved member of Fosbury & Sons Harmony.

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About Andy Nijs

His dream is to create a world where everyone can bring their best self, their gifts and talents. His contribution to the world is to foster the self-value of people he meets. To empower individuals to help them discover their authentic version of success, so they can be who they were meant to be, show up how they were meant to show up, feel how they were meant to feel and have the life and career they were meant to have.

He offers this experience through personal and corporate coaching, people & leadership development facilitation, and inspiring audiences with meaningful keynotes.

Additionally, he is the founder of an online community for personal growth that facilitates connecting, exchanging, and growing with the intention of enriching the lives of every member. Currently, he is a solo entrepreneur and one of his ambitions is to create a fantastic crew of entrepreneurs that share the same values.

“I’m a power house, bold and worthy. I’m courageous and I’m on my journey to be extraordinary. I’m born to be real and I’m destined to inspire and to empower others.”

Why Fosbury & Sons?

"It was meant to be and I believe it’s important to be present and be aware of what the universe aka ‘our intuition’ is telling us. I was invited to a “Personal Mastery” session organized at F&S Harmony. I was way too early and one of the ‘Fozzies’ had taken the opportunity to show me around. Immediately I was hooked; it was destined, and I decided to become a Resident. It radiates the right energy; I feel at home and it is very much aligned with my brand, thus me."

What do you like most about Fosbury & Sons Harmony?

"What I like the most about the “Harmony’ location are the Fozzies and the Members, the ambience and the ‘look & feel’. It exudes ‘extraordinary’. It’s a place to call home, a welcoming yet professional environment, lots of light and green and most of all a lot of amazing smiles, what we need so much in what we call our daily life."

What is your favorite working spot at Harmony?

"That’s a tough one to respond to. One of the reasons I chose ‘The Resident’ is to be able to move around and have the opportunity to choose another desk or table every time. I do enjoy hopping around and discover different settings and places, as well as the other F&S locations. Although I’m sure you’ll easily spot me when I move my body to the tunes I’m listening to."


Andy Nijs' world is all about self-realisation. The ultimate goal in life is not a certificate. It's to create the life you want, the life you desire. It's to be extraordinary and to be unstoppable. It's to live your personal legend. It’s about giving yourself the gift of self-realisation and it's the best investment you'll ever make!

To give you this opportunity and as we are coming closer to celebrating a new year, he decided to give away 12 self-empowerment packs covering topics like finding your life purpose, developing a powerful mindset and peak performance. And 6 times a 60 min coaching call to give you a jumpstart in being extraordinary in 2021.

Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity? Simple, write a short statement why and what you’re looking for and send it to one of your local ‘Fozzies’.