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It's all about wellbeing

The way most offices are organised doesn’t correspond to the needs of today’s and future generation. It is outdated and rooted in the rigid mentality and grey, traditional work atmosphere of the 60’s.

With nearly three hours lost to office-related interruptions and distractions every day, the traditional office space is no longer considered to be the most productive, and those lost hours cost businesses over millions of euros each year.

Fosbury & Sons has been established to make a difference in people’s work life. Furthermore - and above all - our main focus lies on the quality of life in general. It’s all about wellbeing.

We believe that these factors contribute to the wellbeing and hence the productivity of your employees. Furthermore these are important assets to attract new talent.

  • An inspiring and qualitative workspace
  • An in-house restaurant with healthy vegetarian-friendly powerfood, possibility to organize a weekly lunch for your team
  • Access to all F&S locations, your employees are welcome in all our venues
  • In 2021 we hope to continue with our event calendar full of apéro's, workshops, lectures,...

And there is more

As an innovative company, you know that your workforce matters most. And if you strive for real team succes, you need to work on it from the inside, with the people.

As Fosbury & Sons we can be your partner in implementing a methodology and concrete tools to create and structure an organization based on trust, involvement, and equivalence.

We can provide practical guidance to an effective, authentic and conscious collaboration of your team.

It’s about true connection between the people and long lasting human relationships, leading to a resilient and agile organization where people within feel good and find fulfillment.

A clear shift from an economy of doing, to an economy of being.
If you would like to find out more about these methods, let’s talk.

Access to all F&S locations:

  • Coworking Harmony: Mechelsesteenweg 271 1.1, 2018 Antwerp
  • Coworking Boitsfort: Chaussée de la Hulpe 185, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
  • Coworking Albert: Koning Albert II-laan 7 1210 Brussel
  • Coworking Amsterdam: Prinsengracht 769, 1017 JZ Amsterdam
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