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An office for the employee, the individual, for the start-up and the entrepreneur, for companies both large and small - we want to constitute a renaissance of work.

Catch a first glimpse of Fosbury & Sons.

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Board Room 4
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Take a break
and play 8-ball

Relax and work in
our shared area

Have a meeting
the right way

This could be
your office kitchen

Invite you loved ones
to have some lunch

the office
as you know it
is dead

Do you ever wonder what an office could be, if it wasn’t an endless drip of mediocrity?

Fosbury & Sons is an antidote to the office of the past. We are here to make a difference in quality of life. We have constructed a new kind of workplace, one that values the humanity of the people within its walls.

The way most offices are organized, doesn’t correspond to the needs of today’s and future generation. It is outdated and rooted in the rigid mentality and grey, traditional work atmosphere of the 60’s. With nearly three hours lost to office-related interruptions and distractions every day, the traditional office space is no longer considered as the most productive, and those lost hours cost businesses over millions of euros each year. We ask ourselves... Why?

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We’re attentive to how our space looks, feels, and smells. In Boitsfort, We’ve chosen a modernist masterpiece by Constantin Brodzki —7000 m2 of infinite possibility to deliver a unique office experience. A new interpretation for a new kind of working.

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