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In a war for talent, workspace quality becomes a number one priority for companies. We no longer expect a table and a chair, but rather a complete experience that allows us to perform at our best.

Increasing employee fatigue and cases of burnout have placed traditional ways of working under the microscope. For the first time in history, the global workplace includes five generations working side-by-side. One-size-fits-all is no longer applicable. Our floor plan is based on the 4 different types of work our brain executes while being at the office. This way of working will definitely give your employees a productivity boost.

Individual Work

Going with the flow, doing tasks which you can handle easily, our Lobby or open work spaces are ideal to catch up on your emails.

Focused Work

These tasks really need your full attention and as little distractions as possible, this is really deep diving into the matter. Dive into your excel sheets in your private closed office or in a focus booth.

Group Work

For workshops, brainstorming sessions, presentations or team meeetings you can book a meeting room via the Fons Jr. and get productive with your team. All meeting rooms are equipped with a Samsung Frame TV and Videoconferencing. Working together is an essential part of your business and requires a specific environment.


Never underestimate the necessity of a relaxing break. We need breaks in between tasks to process information and to de-stress. Drink your coffee in one of the comfy sofas or meet a colleague on the terrace for a chat.

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Private office in a coworking - Brussels - Fosbury and Sons Alfons
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