Open Kitchen ‘Ici et Maintenant’ : pop-up restaurant by Tschop & Saskia

Sep 24, 2021 | Posted in Events

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Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort temporarily invites "Ici et Maintenant" for a true gastronomic experience with a unique signature menu!

We are delighted to invite you to our 'Open Kitchen' at Boitsfort, a concept about great food & great people. For this edition, our iconic Bar Moroder will be transformed for 3 months into a temporary restaurant run by ‘Ici et Maintenant’. While enjoying a great selection of food, you can overlook the Sonian Forest.

‘Ici et Maintenant’ is a story of two foodies: Saskia, founder of Ici Chez Vous, Ici néocantine, Wabi and Les Terres d’Ici and Tchop, founder of Eureka Food, Eat and Tchop Tchop. Your chef Saskia and hostess Tchop are joining their passion for healthy & savory cuisine as well as a great atmosphere to sweep you off your feet.

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Welcome drink

Mise en Bouche

Starter (chose out of 3 options)

Main dish (chose out of 3 options)

Dessert (chose out of 3 options)

Selection of natural wines available.

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From 07/10 until 11/12/2021 on every Thursday, Friday & Saturday evening.

More information here

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Price: 60€ pp

We hope to see you there!

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