Meet the Members:
we talk to José Woldring from The Media Nanny

Oct 28, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

Fosbury & Sons - Coworking - Amsterdam - Prinsengracht - The Media Nanny

Meet the Members:

The Media Nanny

We are all human beings. We work together in an elegant way, with a certain joie de vivre. Fosbury & Sons – what’s in a name – is the work of more than one individual. The synergy is within us: some of our Members are also our business partners and vice versa. Now is the time to put a spotlight on our Members! We talk to José Woldring from The Media Nanny. A beloved member of Fosbury & Sons Prinsengracht.

Fosbury & Sons - Coworking - Amsterdam - Prinsengracht - The Media Nanny

About The Media Nanny

José Woldring is the CEO and founder of The Media Nanny. The Media Nanny is a PR-management company for artists, events and brands. They run their PR, social media and management internationally. They are experienced at every level of the artist, music and event industry. Their diverse and high-profile client roster speaks for itself. From mainstream to underground, but always those who lead the way in the industry.

Why Fosbury & Sons?

"Fosbury & Sons was the first place for me that felt like a second home. Whenever I left my own place and went here, it felt like home. When you enter, it's like a hotel lobby. The interior is very nice and soft and would be the same as how I would decorate my house."

What do you like most about Fosbury & Sons?

"Whenever I walk around the building, I always find people that I already know or that I have a connection with through work or other friends. It's nice, it really feels like a close community. Like a family."

What is your favorite working spot at Prinsengracht?

"My favourite spot is definitely the garden. It's almost part of the living area and the lobby. You just walk in and out, you get your coffee from the bar, you sit outside, you go inside, it's very flexible. It's just beautiful. This building has a lot of history. And I know so many people that were born here when it was still a hospital. They've always asked what is going to happen to the building, and they are so happy that there is finally a new wave of people. It really hasn't lost its soul. I think that's beautiful."