Meet the Members:
we talk to Sunita Van Heers from SuReal

Nov 09, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

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Meet the Members:


We are all human beings. We work together in an elegant way, with a certain joie de vivre. Fosbury & Sons – what’s in a name – is the work of more than one individual. The synergy is within us: some of our Members are also our business partners and vice versa. Now is the time to put a spotlight on our Members! We talk to Sunita Van Heers from SuReal. A beloved member of Fosbury & Sons Albert.

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About SuReal

Sunita Van Heers is the Managing Director and founder of SuReal. SuReal is a company specialized in sustainable development, specifically in real estate. They carry out studies related to energy and materials in order to guide architects, developers and companies towards a more sustainable, circular and healthy society.

Why Fosbury & Sons?

"After thorough analysis we decided to go for coworking, because it allows to more flexibility. We chose Fosbury & Sons because we share the same vision. We want to create spaces where people can meet each other, where they can interact and feel themselves right at home. When it comes to work-life balance, Fosbury & Sons seemed the perfect fit. And we're still very happy with that choice."

What do you like most about Fosbury & Sons?

"It's not just a workspace, because we really feel at home. It's the way people greet each other in the morning, we know each other's names, what we do. We consider ourselves more as friends than as colleagues in a work environment."

What is your favorite working spot at Albert?

"During Summer, it's the terrace. I love going outside and having lunch there when the sun shines. But I also like the kitchen, where I can grab a coffee, having a chat with colleagues, and meeting other companies, and also talk about non-working related things."