Meet The Members:
we talk to Nicolas
Wesling of Lawtree

Mar 20, 2019 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

Lawtree 1

Whoever thought lawyers were tedious or use overly complex language, would be proven wrong when they meet Nicolas Wesling.

As one of the co-founding partners of Lawtree Advocaten, Wesling, along with Roy Maes, Niels Van den Heuvel and Wouter Thibaut, runs a multidisciplinary office with a particular focus on business clients since April 2016.

They first came to Fosbury & Sons in November of 2017, occupying an office on the 1st floor. Seeing as they grew from three team members to eight, they moved to a larger office on the 3rd floor in August 2018.

Lawtree Advocaten aims to offer businesses a wide range of legal services – from commercial and corporate law, to insurance, and real estate law.

“We have a lot of work at the moment, which is a luxury problem, of course!”

“There’s an ecosystem here at Fosbury & Sons that works well for us”, explains Nicolas of their decision to seek out this open networking environment. “We’re the only law firm in the building and most are just my type of clients: I’m specialized in commercial law, with a focus on software and intellectual property rights.”

At the beginning of April, Lawtree Advocaten will open a new office in Turnhout, - while retaining the Fosbury & Sons one – as their company grows on.

“We have a lot of work at the moment’, says Nicolas, while jokingly adding, “which is a luxury problem, of course!”

Lawtree Advocaten counts a number of Fosbury & Sons members among its clients, and has acquired even more by being present in the Harmony building, partly by being proactive, and organizing legal workshops here.

But apart from this business perspective, there’s also the pleasurable and aesthetic side that keeps Lawtree Advocaten very happy in this office set-up. Nicolas is a huge fan of the Coffeelabs food, for one, but the team also goes for runs in the nearby park together. They love the parties too – and made of the Boitsfort opening a fun team outing.