Cups of Courage: a cup of comfort, a listening ear and a contribution to charity.

1 in 8 women in Belgium is confronted with breast cancer. And it is not only women who are affected. In Belgium, every year about a hundred men are also diagnosed with this disease. This makes Belgium number one in Europe when it comes to breast cancer. Moreover, it is rarely the first tumor to die. Of all the cancer deaths in the world, 90 percent are due to recurrent tumors or metastases. These are very confronting numbers that don't really cheer anyone up.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes place annually in October. A month when various organizations draw attention to this disease, share stories of patients and raise money for awareness, prevention and patient support. Many organizations work together towards the same goal: preventing and curing the disease and offering support to those who have been affected by it. Because that's what you need when it happens to you: good courage.

Yamina Krossa, LDV United, Walkie Talkie, Laura Strybol of Bol.L and Fosbury & Sons are therefore joining forces and launching Cups of Courage. With a series of exclusive coffee cups based on the story and breasts of some courageous breast cancer patients, during the month of October they will introduce coffee drinkers in Fosbury & Sons Antwerp to the stories of Sabrina, Anne-Marie and Kevin.

Sabrina, Anne-Marie and Kevin and each have their own story that illustrates that breast cancer is unfortunately not a rare disease and that it has a big impact on your life. You can read or listen to the stories at or Spotify.

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