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Design Art Night

On the occasion of the Collectible Art Fair Veerle Verbakel, Maarten Statius Muller and Fosbury & Sons, once again unite to put special Belgian talent in the spotlight in this 7th edition of Design Art Night, on Wednesday the 28th of February from 7pm until 10pm.


7pm: Welcome
Bar is open for drinks

7.30pm: Introduction
Maarten Statius Muller about Design Art Night (co-founder)
Liv Vaisberg & Clélie Debehault about COLLECTIBLE (founders)

7.45pm: Speaker sessions with staged scene
Ashtari Carpets (Wendy Guns, Reza Ashtari)
Nicolas Zanoni
Faina (Victoria Yakusha)
Group conversation with all speakers, answering questions of the audience
*Giveaway of 2 COLLECTIBLE free VIP tickets for the most intriguing questions

9.30pm - Network & Drink
Networking & Drinks

Come on over and discover established artists as well as new talent, with the speakers of the night being Ashtari Carpets, Victoria Yakusha & Nicolas Zanoni.

ASHTARI CARPETS is a contemporary carpet label with a showroom in Antwerp. It serves as a source of inspiration where the art of craftsmanship and beauty harmoniously blend. The brand offers a diverse range of rugs, encompassing contemporary decorative pieces as well as exceptional traditional Persian artistry. Ashtari Carpets has gained recognition in the past year for its collaborations with designers, showcasing its own unique productions and designs. This recognition stems from its deep-seated passion for art and craftsmanship in various domains and its ability to seamlessly fuse these elements together. The company is driven by an unwavering commitment to elevate the world of rugs and is constantly seeking innovative, authentic interpretations in design while maintaining the utmost respect for historical traditions.

VICTORIA YAKUSHA (FAINA), born in 1982 in Dnipro, Ukraine, is a versatile designer, artist, and architect known for her distinctive 'live design' philosophy that seamlessly integrates a profound connection to the earth and ethnic roots. Following Ukraine's Revolution of Dignity in 2014, Yakusha established FAINA, a design brand specializing in furniture, decor, and lighting deeply rooted in Ukrainian cultural heritage. Since 2022, Victoria Yakusha has pursued her career as an individual designer, collaborating with various brands. Whether in FAINA or her limited collections, she has carved out a unique niche by blending a minimalist aesthetic with rich cultural codes and her architectural background.

NICOLAS ZANONI (b. 1995, Paris) is a French designer of Argentinian origin whose works defy traditional expectations of contemporary design. Irregular, unique, handmade and often resulting from accidental encounters with his materials, Zanoni produces functional objets that take the shape of sculptures and vice versa. After obtaining a Masters in Industrial Design at La Cambre (BE), Zanoni dedicated himself fully to the nonconformist attitude of experiment and instinctive manipulations of materials, which he had developed during his education. Rather than pursuing practicality, he is in search of poetry, expressing his own playful perspective on the manufactured objects we surround ourselves with.

- Curated for the curious, an inspiring night for design aficionados & collectors.

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