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We’re attentive to how your workspace looks, feels, and smells. We offer a welcoming and personal customer experience that leaves you carefree and focused on the job at hand. We've created a place where you and your employees love to go to every day.

We have created meeting & event spaces not only for you to work in, but also to play in, learn in, and collaborate within. A remote location to make all the difference. So organize your meeting or event in one of our unique spaces, or come for our curated calendar of lectures, workshops, dinners and networking events that encourage the cross-pollination of ideas.

Characteristic of our balanced work ethos is our in-house restaurant. With nutritious and flavourful food, we fuel you to get through every step of your busy day: from breakfast to lunch, your afternoon treats and catering needs, and every coffee break in between.

Coworking Brussels : Fosbury and Sons Alfons
Lobby - Fosbury and Sons Alfons - Coworking Brussels
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Meet the Team

Meet Eline

Eline is the Hospitality Officer at Alfons. She’ll make you and your guests feel at home.

Meet Mara

Mara is the Location Manager at Alfons. She will be happy to welcome you every day with a smile and to help you along.

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Coworking Bruxelles - Fosbury and Sons Alfons - Grand-Bigard
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Office in a coworking center in Brussels - Fosbury and Sons Alfons