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Relay: the best of both works

/ˈriːleɪ/ : refers to Relay Racing, an Olympic Discipline that is all about the moment of passing the baton to the next runner.

Relay by Fosbury & Sons refers to the workspace before, during and after COVID-19. Relay is an abrupt change and a quest for a new balance between social contact, safety, flexibility, working from home and in the office. On one side it embodies the health & safety measures we take for our clients and on the other side we encourage all companies to start defining a culture and policy to deal with this new reality, in a sustainable way.

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Relay by Fosbury and Sons - Coworking

58% will work more often from home in the future

How many of your employees really need a permanent workspace on a daily basis? Take a moment to evaluate this in detail, it could result in a financial benefit of 20% to 40%.

Working from home & in the office: the best of both works.

Based on a survey we conducted with Lammp & Antwerp Management School.

An example

Company X of 30 employees can save up to €2700 per month by combining a private office with flexible memberships. Only 17 employees need a permanent desk on a daily basis.

3 sales employees never need a permanent desk
7 employees work 1 day from home
2 employees work 2 days from home
1 employee works 3 days from home

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The Relay Program consists of 2 building blocks

Health & Safety Measures

  • Hand sanitizers, disinfectant spray and desk pads are provided.
  • Our workspace is adapted to guarantee physical distancing.
  • Signage will guide you through our spaces to make sure you follow the safe route.
  • Increased cleaning frequency.
  • Trained hospitality team at your service for all your questions
  • Updated Fons Jr. App: book a meeting room, reserve your desk before coming to the office and keep you informed with the latest news.
  • Increased Wi-Fi speed and capacity to make your e-conferences run smoothly.

Tailor-made solutions

Today every company has different needs and it’s crucial to offer tailor-made solutions.

  • Flexibility: we understand that long term commitments are difficult now.
  • Downsizing: how many of your employees need a dedicated desk daily? An optimized formula can lead to a financial benefit of 20% to 40%.
  • Upscaling: if your office is too small to guarantee physical distancing and you will need extra space, we have offices available
  • Mid-sized HQ + regional teams: working from home all the time is not for everyone, but working closer to home has a positive impact on productivity, the environment and work-private balance. What about creating regional hubs for your employees
  • Running an office is a service: as an office operator we make sure all the health & safety regulations are in place, our clients can focus - carefree - on their businesses.

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