Oh dear what a year:
The year 2020 at Fosbury & Sons

Dec 24, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life


Oh dear what a year: The year 2020 at Fosbury & Sons

In the year 2020, COVID-19 kicked in and as many other companies, it hit us hard. But on a positive note: it also confirmed and accelerated market trends. People don’t necessarily own or buy stuff anymore. They’d rather rent, lease or co-own. Commitments are difficult, especially in times of uncertainty. Choosing where you want to work in function of your personal performance and day schedule is what’s needed. Management teams around the world were forced to give more confidence to their teams in a large-scale homeworking experiment, and will have to continue doing so in the war for talent.

The biggest challenge and achievement at the same time was how our staff managed to be resilient in the face of chaos and to stay connected to each other, even when there were only screens connecting us. There was laughter and tears, a year both bitter and sweet but we are still here and not thinking of leaving the buildings. We've asked all our different Domain leads what were the biggest achievements within their team. Let's take a look of what our team in 2020 was capable of!


Eveline Rigouts, COO:

"This year we developed a new structure for all our local teams by means of a role selection. Different roles were taken into account, like the Location Manager, the Hospitality Officer and Front Desk Officer. In total we completed 14 different local roles in a few rounds that took place digitally (‘cause of the first wave of the covid19 pandemic). During this role selection, colleagues could share appreciations, concerns and objections with each other and nominate themselves or others for a specific role. We have implemented this for a few months now and it works really well."



Charlotte Nooyens, Events Lead:

"Even though a lot of Meetings and Events were cancelled or postponed, we managed to be creative and still organized a lot of interesting Meetings and Events at Fosbury & Sons. For instance, on the 14th of February we hosted the 10th year anniversary of IP HILLS at Alfons with a private concert by Ibe and an exposition by Luca Beel. Polestar organized their press release in Belgium at Fosbury & Sons and The Oval Office recently held a big live streaming event at Albert. Besides that, a lot of different shoots took place at our locations including Blind Getrouwd and a new drama series Déjà vu."

Elia behing the scenes 20201022 web 0162


Sarah Gomez Orueta, Calendar Manager:

"No more physical events, so we had to be inventive to host several events online. We had the opportunity to invite Esther Perel for our Let’s Talk event. During the lecture she spoke about how our personalities, relational histories and interpersonal dynamics impact the way we work together - and thereby impact our success in business. Professional relationships must become a part of the bottom line of every company, and we should start to acknowledge that healthy work relationships are the key to success. She gave the audience new insights, insights that are in line with the F&S values. And for me personally, it was special to work with someone I admire. Anything is possible."

5 Esther Perel headshot Photograph by Ernesto Urdaneta


Elle Vorsselmans, Marketing Lead:

"58% of employees will work more from home in the future. This was based on a survey we conducted with LAMMP and Antwerp Management School, and immediately was the starting point of our RELAY campaign. We conducted a video campaign together with Mutant about combining office space with working from home. Because homeworking is the best. Just not every day. So we came up with a solution for today's reality and spread this message. Next to that, all our locations integrated all hygiene measures with RELAY stickers on the floor, hand sanitizers, check-in at the front desk, etc. to make sure all our locations are safe to work and meet."

2020427 All Locations Relay3


Malika Channouf, CFO:

"Our Finance Team expanded and we welcomed a few new Fozzies that strengthened our Team. Because of this we have established a process to follow up the outstanding debtors. 2020 gave us the time to make progress in fine-tuning the financial processes and workflows. And we have drawn up an opex report that helps us analyse the current business model."


Audry Gerritsen, Office Manager Building & Construction:

"Here at Fosbury & Sons, art and design goes hand in hand. As you walk through every location of F&S, you’ll discover fine selected art and design pieces even in the smallest corner. Which means we have a huge number of different items in every location. Therefore we created an inventory list of all art and design pieces located in every location."


Stijn Geeraets, Branding Lead:

"Team Branding kept on establishing a strong international brand that stands out (cfr. Prinsengracht as the first location abroad; the countless articles mentioned in press and design magazines internationally). Also building a strong brand internally, a brand with a positive story that motivates people to keep building the organization and the product. And an internal system for a fluent communication and ordering graphics."

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Lisa Li, HR Lead:

"Due to the fact that we had to say goodbye to some Fozzies, there was a silver lining: in the year 2020 we welcomed 12 new Fozzies into the Team. And because of the role selection named above, open vacancies have come to light. In total 11 Fozzies experienced an internal growth or a change of function. Besides that, we managed to work on appreciations, 360 degrees feedback in the company, rolled out an onboarding program and focused on talent development."

New fozzies