Temporary suite:
oona agency

Jun 23, 2021 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

Oona Harmony 6

Temporary suite: oona agency

What if your office space is closed for a few months due to construction works and 100% home office is no option? PR-agency oona faced this challenge and found their solution at Fosbury & Sons. We opened one of our suites as a temporary office space for them. oona's Lotte Mantels talks about their experience at Fosbury & Sons.

Oona Harmony 6

Why did you need a temporary office space?

Our team is very social and in need of regular face-2-face brainstorms and meetings. After a year of home office, we noticed that everyone needed social contact again. That's why we came up with the solution of working together in small groups again when it was really necessary.

Our own offices were in construction at that time, so it seemed like a great idea to temporarily work in another inspiring workspace.

Oona Harmony 10
Oona Harmony 8
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How did you experience the temporary solution at Fosbury & Sons?

Fosbury & Sons has always been a very inspiring workplace for many of our colleagues that already knew the company. For others it was on top of their work-bucketlist.

Why did you choose for Fosbury & Sons?

oona is based in Antwerp, just like Fosbury & Sons Harmony. However, it was nice to experience another neighborhood compared to our own office.

The warm welcome every day, the flexibility and the stunning interior were the elements that made us choose for Fosbury & Sons very easily.

Are you interested in a temporary office space in Antwerp or Brussels? Don't hesitate to reach out with questions to nicolas@fosburyandsons.com.