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Part 7: Best takeout restaurants

May 08, 2020 | Posted in Work culture

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At a time when every country is facing an exceptional health crisis, bars, clubs and restaurants are forced to close their doors. The good news? Many of those restaurants now offer take-away or deliver your favorite dish to your home. These are our top culinary takeaways, chosen by Team Fosbury & Sons.

Part 7: Best takeout restaurants

The choice of Charlotte, our Front Desk & Venue Manager:

Baracca, Leuven

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

I love their DIY KITS! You receive all the ingredients at home and with the help of their IG TV, you have your own restaurant-proof Baracca-dish in less than 10 min. My favorite dishes are the taco’s and the king crab, so finger licking good!

The choice of Sophie, our Art Director:

Tap out, Antwerp

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

Tap out is a new concept by our beloved restaurant Camino. You can only order one main dish; BURGERS! And they are to die for! All sides are super delicious as well, spoiled tastebuds for sure. Already looking forward to our next order!

The choice of Claire, our Project Manager:

Orso, Antwerp

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

They have the best pizzas! The Burratina is basic but awesome. But do take the one with asparagus if you’re in a wild mood!


The choice of Tamar, our Front Desk & Venue Officer:

Café Binnenvisser, Amsterdam

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

Binnenvisser Box. Every tuesday at 12 PM they announce the upcoming menu for the weekend via their social media. Surprise Surprise …… and of course with the best natural wines.

The choice of Larissa, our Front desk & Venue Officer

Poke Tiki, Antwerp

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

You can create your own bowl full of fresh fish and vegetables. Obviously every time I wanna go for a different mix, I end up taking the same as always because it’s so good. Fresh salmon with quinoa, soya beans, pomegranate, tomatoes, ginger, crispy onions and a wasabi dressing.

The choice of Sanne, our Front Desk & Venue Officer:

Neni, Amsterdam

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

The Popcorn Falafel, but the best is a Balagan Box. You'll get a taste of the chefs choice of all the dishes!


The choice of Eveline, our Area Manager Antwerp - Brussels:

Table dance, Antwerp

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

Delicious Euro-Asian kitchen that surprises every time. Their Lu Rou Fan (taiwanese rice bowl) is mind blowing. Guilty pleasure: butter mochi and Calpis drink ! They also offer a great selection of organic wines. You seriously can't go wrong.

The choice of Sien, our Graphic Designer:

Sumac, Antwerp

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

Lebanese streetfood, that smoked aubergine & sweet potato fries, delishhh!

The choice of Lisa, our HR Business Partner:

Da Jia Le - Malaysian Noodles, Antwerp

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

A small restaurant owned by a Chinese-Malaysian family. From the outside it doesn’t capture much attention, but actually this place is a true gem when it comes to no-nonsense asian food. There Kung Bao Chicken is my favorite- a hearty dish that is a perfect combo between sweet and spicy. Other dishes are great as well such as the stew pot of eggplant (aubergine) or the malaysian noodles soup with prawns. Yummm!

Lu Rou Fan Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl Wide
Kung pao chicken thumb

The choice of Robin, our Clan Lead The Netherlands:

Branie, Amsterdam

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

That’s impossible, so many to choose from. Branie has a Asian Fusion kitchen with some very interesting new takes on classic dishes. Some of their best dishes are definitely: KFC: Kentucky Fried Champignon and Peggy Gou Chicken. With the delivery menu they also have some week dishes like a Butter Chicken. They also made a new dessert Tiramiso! Is it dinner time yet?

The choice of Matthias, our Project Manager:

Bar d'Henri, Antwerp

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

A wonderful bar in the South of Antwerp with wonderful plant-based comfort food! The super friendly owners already make it worthwhile to pass by!

The choice of Elise, our Digital Marketeer:

Morfo, Antwerp

What's your favorite dish of this restaurant?

Very cosy and small mediterranean restaurant and take-away located in Old Berchem, where they serve, to my opinion, the best Moussaka in town. Everything is freshly made, and you can definitely taste it. Next to the delicious Moussaka, you should also try the homemade Tzaziki. Perfect to start as an appetizer!


Last but not least...

Our food partner in Belgium Midori and Dutch food partner Vermaat do not sit still during these weird days. The Midori Deli is closed until further notice, so we have to wait a little while until we can devour their delicious salad bowls and freshly made dishes. To bridge the time, the team of Midori put its forces together to deliver HEROmeals to medical teams & hospitals fighting against Covid-19. You can even donate a meal yourself!

Our food partner Vermaat is organizing a fun takeaway concept with their Michelin Star Restaurant Rijks. You can take away a 4-course dinner or breakfast during the weekend. The menu changes every week and they will also start with wine tasting at home.

Mmm, Are you hungry yet?

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