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Part 5: Podcasts

Mar 30, 2020 | Posted in Work culture

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With limited out-of-the-house activities these days, it might just be the perfect opportunity to learn and get inspired. What better way than podcasts? Our F&S Team will show you their favorites.

Part 5: Podcasts

The choice of Julie, our Events Lead:

Septem Club

What's the storyline? Jessica Troisfontaine is the talented founder of Septem Paris, the ready-to-wear brand with the jumpsuit as a continuing thread, to be worn by women throughout their everyday lives. Jessica Troisfontaines meets inspiring women for an interesting small chat.

Why do you like it? Jessica is an inspiring woman and the message she communicates in every collection with her baseline “Prendre le pouvoir” is inspiring too. She creates jumpsuits as a tool for women empowerment and she encourages them to accomplish anything they put their mind to while wearing Septem. By entering Septem Club, we can listen, comment and “Prendre le pouvoir”.

The choice of Eveline, our Clan Lead Belgium:

Where should we begin? by Esther Perel

What's the storyline? Esther Perel is a Belgian therapist, author, speaker and creator who has explored and researched relationships in its many forms. Her work is truly transformative and she brings new perspective to the invisible forces that shape relationships, in both love and work, through one-time therapy sessions with coworkers, co-founders, couples, long time friends etc.

Why do you like it? A manual to survive the quarantine, with or without significant other :).

The choice of Charlotte, our Front desk & Venue Officer Albert:

Reprogram your mind through affirmations by Marisa Peer

What's the storyline? It’s all about the rules of the mind and how important and powerful the words you speak are to our well-being.

Why do you like it? My colleague Janoek told me to listen to it and it really was a life-changing thing for me. It is astonishing how you can work together with your mind once you understand how it functions and most importantly, how to speak to it. It is still a daily challenge to avoid typical pitfalls but the knowledge and self-consciousness this brings you is insane.


The choice of Sarah, our Events Lead Harmony:

TED Talks

What's the storyline? Various topics (society & culture, art, business,…)

Why do you like it? I really enjoy listening to it when I'm cooking or driving the car. It provides a broad perspective and gives inspiration & ideas.

The choice of Amelien, our Front Desk & Venue Officer:

The On Being Project

What's the storyline? Rather intellectual conversations on various topics with interesting authors and thinkers, by Krista Tippett. “Pursuing deep thinking and moral imagination, social courage and joy, to renew inner life, outer life, and life together.” No better way to put it.

Why do you like it? Inspiring and nourishing. I listen to this when I come home from work to come home within myself. I love the voice of Krista Tippett.

The choice of Magali, our Front Desk & Venue Officer:

The Dropout

What's the storyline? The story of Elizabeth Holmes, proclaimed as the 'next Steve Job' and Theranos is an unbelievable tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong.

Why do you like it? Great storytelling infused with suspense, simultaneously inspiring and appalling

TED Behavioral Economics
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