Fosbury & Sons reconfirms the new way of working with

"RELAY, The best of both works."

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Fosbury & Sons reconfirms the new way of working with "RELAY, The best of both works"

All employees and employers are in the same situation; working from home is quickly becoming the new normal. Every company based on the digital nomad life is under great pressure. But what if you are a company specialized in sharing spaces for work? Fosbury & Sons’ Co-founder Stijn Geeraets and Co-CEOs Maarten Van Gool and Alexander Hodac believe that the flexible character of F&S will prove even more valuable in the long run. Let’s look at the five evolutions of the workspace and why this pandemic might actually accelerate the demand for services from co-working venues.

The five evolutions of the workspace


The first one is flexibility. How comfortable can a company be by signing a long-term agreement if the world can change completely within one month? Not really. Only serviced offices can offer flexibility. Today we are forced to be flexible and resilient. Companies have the responsibility to ensure that their real estate strategy responds to this situation. Fosbury & Sons is responsible for providing solutions and offers rental contracts from 6 months for Suites. We offer Day suites for individuals only per day or per week.

Sir, more m2 please.

More companies have consistently cut the number of m2 they provide per employee or workstation in recent years. For this they used landscape or open-plan offices. In post-corona days, these companies will face difficulties in ensuring the physical distance of 1,5m and, above all, in preventing people from spending the whole day together in one open space. A plausible tendency will therefore be that these companies will have to evolve towards replacing teams in closed private office. The trend to use closed-off spaces is where coworking has already evolved in recent years.

Sir, less m2 please.

Some companies have previously been cautious about teleworking. Now they were forced to introduce this way of working. Today, after months of lockdown, people are used to do meetings via conference calls and not being stuck in traffic. But they also lack social contact with colleagues. So, like everything else, this is about a new balance, or “The best of both works.” When companies realize that teleworking can be part of a weekly work routine, it means it impacts the workplace they need.

At Fosbury & Sons, permanent workspaces in private offices can be combined with flexible memberships. Which in turn results in a financial advantage.

Running an office has just become a PRO business.

The measures we, as an office operator, are taking to handle this situation is not something every business owner wants to be dealing with. Business owners should focus on their business and work with supplier specialists to handle the rest. Running an office is a lot of work in itself and now certainly with all these measures. We want to be the expert in this and relieve our customers of all those practical matters so that they can focus on their business.

Working in your hometown.

After months of lockdown, people will be ready to get out. But only if it is safe and comfortable. Traveling by public transport will not immediately be seen as such. All by car is also not feasible. It isn’t feasible either to always work from home because we people need human contact. Fosbury & Sons introduces the ability to decentralize the headquarters and centralize teams by city, by offering them the opportunity to work at Fosbury & Sons in private offices or meeting rooms.

Coworking in Brussels - Fosbury and Sons Boitsfort

RELAY, The best of both works.

So Fosbury & Sons sees various possible trends and possibilities and wants to take on an advisory role as designer of offices, adapted to the needs of the company and its people. Because they are different for every company.

Fosbury & Sons summarizes this project under the name “RELAY, by Fosbury & Sons”, The best of both works.

RELAY is the English term for “Relay Race”, a term that Fosbury & Sons - like its own name - takes from the athletics. RELAY by Fosbury & Sons refers to the redemption of the pre-corona era with the post-corona era. We pass the baton on to the new normal. The moment of passing the baton creates a clear before and after in the entire workspace evolution, which will be greatly accelerated.

Either drop the stick and lose it, or pass it on and win.


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