What's in the neighborhood: Harmony

Dec 10, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

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What's in the neighborhood?


Let's take a walk in the neighborhood! Fosbury & Sons Harmony is located near the main highways and close to the city centre of Antwerp. Within this lively and cosy neighborhood you can find lots of good cafés, restaurants and shops. We'd love to show you around!


Just across the road. From our beloved Harmony you can enjoy the view over the King Albert Park. Despite the pocket size of the Albert Park, this piece of green is a small relief at the crossroads between Berchem and 't Zuid. Moreover, the lawns are ideal for a picnic or a lunch (walking) break.

Mechelsesteenweg, Prins Albertlei and Koning Elisabethlei

"The view from our Lobby to this park is extraordinary, especially when it is Autumn. Perfect to get a fresh nose and a lunch walk in the park or even a picnic." (Elise, Content Manager)



Almost our next door neighbors. The beers of De Koninck, including its famed "Bolleke" beer, have been brewed at the Mechelsesteenweg for centuries. Take a look behind the scenes during an interactive tour, or at the culinary food court. Here you can taste chocolate, cheese, meats en bread and even have lunch or dinner at three different restaurants: De Pelgrim, Black Smoke and The Butcher's Son.

Mechelsesteenweg 291

"They have a really nice guided tour through the brewery where you can see how it all works." (Larissa, Location Manager)



This innovative concept combines ho(s)tel, apartments & co-working. Right on the trend of flexible living, with unique formulas for both short and long stays. And also a restaurant, rooftop terrace and shared bicycles. The perfect way to end your day after a hard working day.

Coveliersstraat 6

"Yust has the same level of interior inspiration as Fosbury & Sons! I love the fact that they occasionally offer an art creator free space to show off their work". (Sien, Graphic Designer)

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In the beginning, foodies mainly settled for The Jane to the Groen Kwartier in Antwerp, a new residential area around the former Military Hospital. Lately, one fascinating business has opened next to another. A vibrant residential area and one of the hippest culinary neighborhoods in Antwerp.

Henri la Fontainestraat

"Every Wednesday a friend of me has a spot at PAKT, where she sells her eggs fresh from the farm. It’s alway a nice catch up and lovely environment to hang out in. Together with some friends we drink some beers in the bar and enjoy the feeling of some nature in the city centre." (Larissa, Location Manager)

"It used to be the Military Hospital, and you still feel some of its history. I just love to stroll around here, and even take a visit at ‘t PAKT - a green hidden gem within 't Groen Kwartier." (Elise, Content Manager)

"I usually pass by there to get a cup of coffee on the go. Don’t forget to look up when you’re walking around in this neighborhood. You’ll see some of the prettiest old townhouse facades of Antwerp." (Audry, Building Office Manager)

"My Brother works at Caffénation so even as a non coffee drinker I visit it quite frequently. They have the best cinnamon buns ever and I always treat myself and my brother's son. If we stay too long we have Pizza at Pizza Standard, great No nonsense pizza that’s not a killer for the rest of the day." (Wouter, Hospitality Officer)



Located on a cozy square in the heart of Oud Berchem you can visit Bistro Chicane every weekday. Their dishes are fun variations on the classic Belgian-French cuisine and are the ideal recipe to escape the busy weekday.

Frederik de Merodeplein 5

"A very nice bistro with a unique Parisian interior, located at the most cosy square in Berchem. The menu changes regularly, yet every dish is always hard to choose." (Elise, Content Manager)

"The people working there are super friendly and I know them from when they worked at Mampoko. But the most important thing is that the food is great and the location beautiful." (Wouter, Hospitality Officer)



Café Bobby is a cozy pub where you can drink a fresh pint and eat a tasty bite. The perfect place for a Friday afterwork, or even to stay until the early hours.

Isabellalei 161

"The ober is just the nicest guy in town. Always with a smile and ready to serve. It’s my favorite after-work café on a friday afternoon. Just to get in the mood before starting the weekend. They also serve some small but tasty bites to snack." (Larissa, Location Manager)

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A sibling to Antwerp’s esteemed Hotel Julien, this former Augustinian convent has morphed into the city’s most covetable boutique property. The first hotel project by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, it has a serene, small-scale spa and a superb restaurant overseen by Michelin-starred neighbour The Jane.

Jules Bordetstraat 5

"Located at ‘t Groen Kwartier and it used to be a church. The design is just magnificent. A true gem where you won’t leave this place without going all the way: aperitif, dinner, a spa and maybe even a stay at the hotel." (Elise, Content Manager)



Pasta is always a good idea, even more when it is homemade and fresh. The pasta's and their sauces of Pastificio Marie are homemade with fresh, local and organic ingredients. Not even you can take a seat in their small and cozy restaurant, you can also take away their fine Italian dishes if you don't feel like cooking at home.

Boomgaardstraat 42

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