Meet the Team: Say hello to Justine!

Oct 30, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

Meet the Team - Justine - Fosbury & Sons - Coworking

Meet the Team: Say hello to Justine

Time to shine! Let's meet one of the Fozzies. Say hello to Justine, our Sales Manager Antwerp. Well, let's get to know Justine a little bit more!

Meet the Team - Justine - Fosbury & Sons - Coworking

Name: Justine Vandemeulebroucke

Company role: Sales Manager Antwerp

Favorite quote: "Alles komt altijd goed." / "Everything will always be fine."

What do you like about working at Fosbury & Sons?

"There are several things I can name here. In the first place, Fosbury & Sons wants to create a place where people like to go to, and for the 2,5 years I work for the company I experience this fully myself. The environment, its way of working by its philosophy, and all the people I come in contact with daily; I enjoy it immensely.

Secondly, I love to work for Fosbury & Sons for the chances they give me. They give all its employees the space to develop and prove themselves in their position. I feel enormously appreciated and positively coached to get the best out of myself, and thus to achieve the best result for the company."

How would your friends or family describe you in three words?

"Spontaneous, positive and last - but most important to me, loyal."

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

"Spending time with friends and family, or some time for myself. I love going out for a drink or for a dinner in the city, and have qualitative conversations. During the weekends I like to go to the countryside, to escape the busy city life and enjoy the greenery of de Kempen. You can take a girl out of the countryside, but you can't take the countryside out of a girl...

Besides that, I am eternally looking for a nice hobby I can keep up with for more than 3 months. All suggestions are welcome!"

To who do you look up to the most in life?

"There is not really a specific person I look up to most in life. I do look up to all the people who keep going, despite what has crossed their path. I believe you can achieve everything you want with a good attitude and the ability to put things into perspective. People who can do this and stay true to themselves, those are the people I look up to."