Meet the Members: Una Collective

Jul 07, 2020 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

Meet The Members - Coworking Amsterdam - Fosbury and Sons Prinsengracht

Meet the Members:

Phoebe from Una Collective

Let's put a spotlight on our Members! Meet Phoebe from Una Collective. We had a talk with her on how her company coped with the exceptional situation of the past few months, and how she adopted the RELAY program of Fosbury & Sons.

Meet The Members - Coworking Amsterdam - Fosbury and Sons Prinsengracht

About Una Collective

Una Collective is a social enterprise that advocates for gender equality and inclusivity in the Netherlands.

Una serves as a platform that fosters collaboration among women in business and culture. It’s a meeting point enabling disruptive dialogue among leaders and changemakers, that grows women’s social capital and lays a foundation for future generations to thrive.

Una Collective creates positive impact across several layers: events, partnerships, and a membership that offers resources to women.

Phoebe is Co-Founder and CEO of Una Collective, and believes in the power of collaboration. Una Collective wants to inspire women in the Netherlands at different stages of their careers to lift each other up.

How did COVID-19 impact the way of working at your company?

"For us at Una, the pandemic has further emphasised the need to support Dutch women in building their social capital. The UN found that across every sphere, from health, the economy, security to social protection, the impacts of COVID-19 are exacerbated for women and girls.

Women make up 70% of front line essential workers, nurses, community health workers, cleaners, caterers - so women may be at risk or exposure due to the occupational sex-segregation - yet only make up 24.3% of governments world wide - so their opinion is not reflected in national decision making responses to the pandemic.

Unpaid care work has increased, with children unable to go to school, heightened care needs of the elderly, and overwhelmed health services.
Add that to the current state of gender inequality in the Netherlands where...
- Only 25% of all managers are female and
- 94% of executive level roles are held by men

In short: We have work to do!"

What's the impact of COVID-19 on your office space?

"Awareness has been a major part of our response here at Una. We are working hard to stay informed on the consequences to the wider community, to ultimately ensure women in the Netherlands are supported to take care of themselves, their families and their careers in this difficult time. This means checking in on everyone’s physical and mental health, regularly."

How does F&S respond to your needs of today?

"The F&S team has provided, through Relay, a space that is safe, welcoming and focussed on the physical and mental health of all individuals and teams that walk in and out of the doors each day! Especially with regards to flexibility, understanding and empathetic responses to the slow pace impact created by the pandemic. All the while with warm smiles and really listening to our concerns, so the Una team is very grateful for the Fosbury family support during this time."

How does your company look at the future of work? What is your ideal office solution?

"I was a part of a great webinar recently, in which Amanda Pullinger, CEO of 100 Women in Finance said she doesn't like the term and idea of “Working from Home”, as it connotes gender inequality roles, but instead we should say ‘Working Remotely” (and that can be from anywhere, including Fosbury and Sons!). Una’s ideal work environment is one that enables connection, disruptive dialogue and an exchange of knowledge and expertise. We want to build a future of work that is inclusive and offers equal opportunity to women and men."