The inspiring sessions of Open Week Harmony

Sep 30, 2021 | Posted in Events

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The Fosbury & Sons Open Week at Harmony is approaching. We can't wait to welcome companies of all sizes to experience the Fosbury way of working. From October 11th until October 15th, we offer free workspace and... inspiring daily sessions for all attendees.

Read along to discover the topics!

Monday: Growth Financing session by The Harbour

Raising funds is a though job, but luckily, it's The Harbour's speciality. They want to share their knowledge with every entrepreneur in Flanders. During this one hour session, they teach you how to grow your business with the right financing. Where do you start? What options do you have? You will get all the answers in 21 practical tips & tricks. Afterwards, you will have time to network with other entrepreneurs. Please note that you must register for this talk. Subscribe via this link.

The Harbour

Tuesday: High-End Entrepeneurship by Passion For Business

Katrin Van de Water is an experienced entrepeneur with years of experience in HR and career coaching. Today, she mentors entrepreneurs to go next-level with themselves and their business with her company "Passion for Business". The ultimate vision she wants to teach her mentees is "Live the life you want, much more is possible than you think." During her session on Tuesday October 12th, she'll introduce you to her High-End Entrepeneurship business model. You'll learn how to focus on the top of your market and charge premium prices so you can make a true impact. Financial freedom is possible!

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Wednesday: How Storytelling can help you Inspire and Connect by Aris & Totell

How do you build authentic connections with your stakeholders? Chloé Van Elsen and Lien Verwimp, storytelling experts at Aris & Totell, talk about the most engaging way to inspire your audience: storytelling. But what story can you tell and how do you make sure it covers every part of your customer journey? Lien and Chloé will guide you through the fundamentals. Get ready to embark on a wonderful journey of storytelling and brand experience!

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Thursday: The ABC of Extraordinariness by Andy Nijs

Andy Nijs is a life strategist. He's your guide to personal and professional success and an expert in identity transformation, mindset and high performance. In his interactive session, he'll enable you to awaken your true self, connect to your courage and transform your life into an extraordinary one. With his "Be Extraordinary" workbook (which you'll receive for free when participating), he hands you a variety of practices to start working on your own extraordinary self.

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