The extra mile:
Fosbury & Sons
car service by
Centrauto x Bolides

Mar 06, 2019 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

Car service

We’ve all been there: standing still, stuck in traffic, or circling around stressing about where to park our car.

Fosbury & Sons, as trailblazers in contemporary work culture, have understood that employment is firmly linked with mobility. As Belgium’s increasingly complex mobility problem (and that of the wider world) becomes more acute, it’s time to search for better solutions.

It’s obvious that our members can use public transport to get to and from our co-working offices, but what about a meeting or activity off-site?

Fosbury & Sons found three able and willing dedicated partners - Centrauto and Bolides - to join forces with us, and offer a solution to our members, says Esger Van Lysebetten, who’s our man working on this project.

“We wanted to create a service for our members that offers the use of a car for those people who don’t need a car on a daily basis. Centrauto, one of the largest car concessions in Belgium, freed up cars - the high range BMW X1 and BMW 1 - for our members, which can be found on our parking spaces. We’ve started out with a test-fase of 4 months: from 11th of February until the 1st of May.”

The way to book a car is simple. “Bolides, an innovative car-sharing company based in our Harmony office, operates a platform on which the cars can be reserved and booked, preferably 4 hours in advance to ensure a car can be present”, explains Esger. “The operational part is taken care of by them too; members won’t need to pump gas, sign insurance papers or worry about maintenance.”

A member who uses the service will only pay for the hours the car is used - or per day - and for the distance driven. It’s much cheaper than owning a car privately, or using a company car - especially for mid-length distances, using the Centrauto x Bolides service is a considerable cut in transportation costs. “It keeps cars off the roads too”, says Esger, “for distances that can be done with public transportation.”

Our helpful staff at the Fosbury & Sons front desks will happily take the admin out of your hands, too. Just ask Ms. Justine in our Harmony offices and become a part of our mission for awareness of the impact of our cars on the environment and on our cities.