The favorite art pieces of
co-founder Stijn Geeraets: Harmony

Jan 18, 2021 | Posted in The Fosbury Life

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The favorite art pieces of co-founder Stijn Geeraets: Harmony

Every time you visit one of our locations, you'll notice some fine design and artworks even in the smallest corner. It's those kinds of things which create that Fosbury & Sons vibe, to make you feel more at ease. We've asked our Co-Founder Stijn Geeraets what his favorite design and art pieces are at our location Harmony. Or just come on over and discover them yourself!


Hannes Van Severen has transformed a collection of wooden wardrobes into fantasy objects. He “deprives the object of its original functionality and allows its aesthetic value to prevail.” In order to really feel what he’s making, you’ve got to let your mind go and allow him to reintroduce this object we know so well as something entirely different.

Stijn Geeraets: "Art makes you think. Art can give you a different insight. Art can make you look with different eyes. 'Innovation doesn't come from seeing new things, it comes from seeing the same things with new eyes', said David Kelley of design firm Ideo. Hannes Van Severen's work provokes this. He uses everyday objects, but then edits them in such a way that you start to look at them differently. He gives you those new eyes. And this is how innovation arises, you start to think in a problem-solving way and you get out of the normal framework."

Owner: Serge Hannecart

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Jacqueline Dehond and Koenraad Uyttendaele together comprise the duo of artists Jacqy duVal. In Jacqy duVal's artistic practice, the emphasis is on technique and color. Their approach is indebted to both Western and Eastern abstraction, but resolutely contemporary in method and conception. They often work in series of interconnected, yet completely autonomous works, in which a vigorous dialogue is set between repetition and variations in colors and form. This artwork is the showpiece of our Board Room.

Stijn Geeraets: "Environment has a huge influence on how you feel, the materials, the composition of objects, color, light. That ambiance can welcome us in peace and allows us being at ease. Art can define a space, and thus also impacts your sense of wellbeing. In this work by Jacqy duVal everything is right and in proportion. It has a certain hustle and bustle, but it also gives peace of mind. For me I find balance and harmony. I can watch it endlessly."

Gallery: am designs

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"Art can define a space, and thus also impacts your sense of wellbeing"


This artwork is a special one you can't miss in our Lobby. In his series 'Daily Dust', Denmark gets to work with newspaper pulp. But not just any newspapers. This large art piece contains 32 cardboards of dust, grinded newspapers and magazines from the COVID19 period.

Stijn Geeraets: "Denmark's work makes me realize that the flow of information coming in is enormous today. The famous data smog. Today, in one month's time, we process what a scholar in the Middle Ages processed in a whole life. Everything comes to us very quickly, but it also goes away before we know it. The importance of filtering, curating information and especially of our memories is more important than ever. Our memories become important and influence how we see our past, but also our future. See the future, respect the past."

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Something completely different in this list, is this book and posters POP = ART. In 2016 pop music celebrated its 60th anniversary, so Stijn Van de Voorde, together with Graphic Designer Eva Goethals, casted 60 legendary song quotes into 60 posters. POP = ART tells the story of 60 years of pop music: from 'Heartbreak Hotel' by Elvis to 'Lean On' by Major Lazer. Stijn Van de Voorde chose 60 songs, one for each year, and a quote from each song, Eva Goethals poured those quotes into a poster. You can find some posters hanging on the walls of our beloved Harmony.

Stijn Geeraets: "The series in which songs are presented in a very graphically refined way. So simple, so good. It makes me smile, every time again. Especially the 'near, far, wherever you are' (eye test), 'I would do everything for love' (yellow with the springboard) and 'I believe I can fly' (penguin). Fantastic. You should definitely glance through it."

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