Digital Breakfast with Ineke de Boer:

Customer centric growth

Sep 01, 2020 | Antwerp, Harmony

Digital Breakfast web

Digital Breakfast with Ineke de Boer: Customer Centric Growth

Every very first Tuesday of the month, F&S and Digitag disrupt your daily work morning routine!

For this online breakfast webinar, F&S and Digitag are pleased to invite Ineke de Boer for an online webinar about Customer Centric Growth.

Join us and start the day with great coffee, healthy brain-food and crusty digital knowledge!

"The only sustainable growth is the one centered around your customer."

In anno 2020 customer experience is a key differentiator, even more important than price or even quality of your product or services. While scaling up your business you have to center all your scaling efforts around your customer.

Start-ups with growth ambitions have the tendency to lose track of customer connection while growing.

A typical growth pain is having poor internal communication or misalignment, that is ultimately damaging your customer experience.

Planning for customer centric growth means:
- planning for consistent cross-team communication towards your customer
- aligning your internal processes to your customer journey
- making everyone in your company believe in the value of serving your customers

Because, in the end your customer is the sole reason when you're in business.

Keynote Speaker: Ineke de Boer

Ineke is a customer experience expert, with a proven track record of helping companies to leverage customer experience as a differentiator.

Her consulting practise helps companies to prepare for or execute upon customer centric growth.

Her bottom-up approach allows you to leverage your in-house knowledge and skills, ultimately leading to a better adoption of the customer centric process.

Host of the day: Sacha Waedemon

Entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Digitag, a digital marketing agency thriving your business through growth hacking.

Tuesday the 1st of September
9.00 am - 10.00 am
Language: ENG

Online training via Zoom. Register via Eventbrite and you will receive the Zoom link in your mailbox + preparation document in your mailbox before the start of the digital workshop.

Hope to see you there!

There will be plenty of time for questions and conversations. So join us and get inspired!