Webinar for Entrepeneurs by Rubicon

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Webinar for Entrepeneurs by Rubicon

Webinar In Times of Covid-19 for entrepreneurs
F&S x Team Rubicon

Pauze. Breathe. Relax. Realize that uncertainty has always been part of your life.
You can handle it. You always have.

If in 1 year you would look back on today, were you a victim or an owner of the COVID-19 crisis?

What mindset could have helped you survive or even thrive?

We partner with Rubicon for a highly interactive online workshop on mindset called: “Personal mastery in uncertain times”


Charlotte De Vos // ex-captain national hockey team & mental coach
Mario Haneca // transformative coach for +100 entrepreneurs
Mathias Lamiroy // serial entrepreneur & mental coach

During the highly interactive workshop you’ll:

Become aware of the potential of mindset (shift) in uncertain times.
Receive powerful questions that give you new perspective.
Get insights on how to focus on what really matters.
The importance of a sounding board


Friday 10th of april from 9h - 10h30 and Friday 17th oif April from 9h-10h30

Max. 10 participants
For entrepreneurs only
Pricing: Free!
Language: NL or ENG

Friday 10th of April: Register here

Friday 17th of April: Register here