Webinar - Agility - How do you increase accountability?

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Agility - How do you increase accountability?

Trust for Business and Fosbury & Sons invites you to join in this free online webinar about Agility.

Being able to count and rely on the fact that both you and your colleagues do their work well is a topic that carries a lot of weight in almost all organizations. People often don’t know how to do this in a human way.

Daring to discuss when colleagues do not do their work well contributes to human and sustainable cooperation and is therefore of fundamental importance.

In this webinar you will learn what a “Peer Review + Personal Development Plan” is and how this continuously increases the accountability of yourself and your colleagues.

You’ll learn:

  • what accountability means
  • What it takes to increase accountability for yourself and your colleagues
  • What a peer review is
  • How to prepare and conduct your own peer review

And many more!

In this webinar, Lisa Li (HR and F&B Lead at Fosbury & Sons) tells how they work with Peer Reviews in their organization, how they have made this their own, from which system they came and what the positive impact is.

Note: this webinar will be in Dutch.


1st of February from 8PM-9PM
Online webinar
Language: Dutch

Registration via here.

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