Workshop Team Rubicon

Fosbury & Sons Coworking - Workshop

Workshop Team Rubicon @ Harmony

Together with Rubicon, a team of serial entrepreneurs and top athletes, we are organizing a sounding board session for our entrepreneurial community, completely free of charge.

What can you expect? A professionally moderated, interactive session with other entrepreneurs. We discuss our current situation as an entrepreneur, and give each other advice and brutally honest feedback based on our own experience.

What role does Rubicon play? They moderate the session, and adjust course where necessary. In this way, quality and value are guaranteed for all participants. They also share their insights from working with 300+ entrepreneurs that came before you over the past 12 weeks.

Where & when? 1 session will take place at Fosbury & Sons Harmony. Of course social distancing rules will be respected. You can register via the Fons Jr. App.

As a result we hope you rediscover a focus that really helps you move forward. At the same time, you'll get the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs grow making use of your own experience. You'll walk away with a specific action plan for the coming period.

Note: This session will be given in Dutch and are only accessible for entrepreneurs with a growth mindset.


Thursday 29th of October
From 10AM-12PM
Fosbury & Sons, Harmony
Language: Dutch

Registration via here.