International Day of the Nurse

Prinsengrachtziekenhuis - Coworking Amsterdam

International Day of the Nurse

On the 12th of May we celebrate The International Day of the Nurse*!

*Fun fact: it is also the birthday of Florence Nightingale!

Fosbury & Sons will broadcast a concert from our Amsterdam location located in the former Prinsengracht hospital. This is in collaboration with The Florence Nightingale Institute, Kimberly Fransens (the Voice of Holland) and the former nurses of the Prinsengracht Hospital.

With this concert we would like to thank all the nurses and others working in health care around the world for their hard work in the past, now, but also show our support for the future.


Tuesday 12th of May
7PM via Facebook Live

Tune in at 7PM on the 12th of May via Facebook Live!
The livestream will take approx 20/30 minutes.