Digital Breakfast with Re-treated:

How to re-claim your focus by minimizing digital distractions

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Digital Breakfast with Re-treated: How to re-claim your focus by minimizing digital distractions

F&S and Digital Advice Group are pleased to invite Korneel Desmet (co-founder of Re-treated) for an online webinar about how to re-claim your focus by minimizing digital distractions.

Join us and start the day with great coffee, healthy brain-food and crusty digital knowledge!

If you find yourself constantly distracted, you’re not alone. Our new, always connected way of working has made it increasingly difficult to remain productive. But our digital devices don’t have to keep us from concentrating on the things that truly matter.

During this workshop, we’ll find ways to make your digitals tools work for you, not against. We’ll show you how to hack your precious time: thanks to a few smart moves, you’ll have a better handle on both your time and to do’s. You’ll notice a drastic drop in stress levels as well as a higher degree of efficiency. You’ll learn:

- How to set up your smartphone for radical productivity

- How to work with more focus and less distractions

- Limiting technology- induced stress in the workplace

Keynote Speaker: Korneel Desmet

Korneel is the co-founder of Re-Treated. Discontent with the relationship with his phone, he started researching the impact of technology on our performance & health years ago. After digging deep into the topic, Korneel has been continually experimenting with optimizing his devices for more focus & less distractions. On a mission to help ambitious professionals spend time on the people & projects that truly matter, he’s now sharing his learnings.

Tuesday the 4th of August
9.00 am - 10.00 am
Language: ENG

Online training via Zoom. Register via Eventbrite and you will receive the Zoom link in your mailbox.

Hope to see you there!

There will be plenty of time for questions and conversations. So join us and get inspired!