Digital Breakfast with Ginger Johnson:

Connecting for Leaders

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Digital Breakfast with Ginger Johnson: Connecting for Leaders

Every first Tuesday of the month, F&S and Digitag will disrupt your daily work morning routine! Join us and start the day with great coffee, healthy brain-food and crusty digital knowledge.

For this online breakfast webinar, F&S and Digitag are pleased to invite Ginger Johnson for a talk about how to connect with your team.

How’s your team doing right now? How are they performing, feeling and acting?
And how will your business be impacted by them feeling connected or disconnected?

Human connection is relationships and every business is in the relationship business. There’s no such thing as soft skills; they’re the hardest ones for many to learn and master. The time to invest in teaching your team connection fundamentals is right now.

Teams that are and – more importantly – feel connected are the ones growing right now. They know that walls or a physical space is only part of being on a team, and in some cases not necessary at all. The teams that are struggling and will continue to struggle have not been taught how to be and stay connected. In many cases, team members may have been working ‘remotely’ for some time anyway. So how do you bring everyone together, to keep growing and building?

With skills. Human connection is skills based. It’s knowing your purpose, mindset and then learning effective actions. Skilling up with the Human Connection strategy and tactics you need to build and keep a cohesive team.

Keynote speaker: Ginger Johnson

Ginger is a human connection expert, teaching leaders and CEO’s why and how to connect, with effective outcomes. She’ll provide a Connectivity Framework for you to use in amping your efforts in cohesive, productive and more satisfied/happier teams. Happier teams increase ROI, bottom lines and reduce expensive turnover.

Host of the day: Sacha Waedemon

Entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Digitag, a digital marketing agency thriving your business through growth hacking.


Tuesday 23rd of June

8.00AM - 9.15AM
Language: ENG

There will be plenty of time for questions and conversations. So join us and get inspired!

Online training via Zoom. Register to this event via Eventbrite and you will receive the Zoom link in your mailbox before the start of the lecture.