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Meet Alfons:
An oasis in the middle of
the office desert

And all of a sudden ... number three was born.
We're happy to introduce you to Alfons, our second location in the Brussels area, located in the industrial zone of Groot-Bijgaarden.
Think of a clean, white industrial look & feel combined with a lot of plants and greenery. At the rooftop we have our boardroom with first class views over the city.

our offer

Private offices:
Suite - tailor-made
XL Suite - tailor-made

Shared but in a closed area:
Atelier € 395 / month
Resident € 295 / month

Nomad € 175 / month
Club € 35 / month
Visitor full day € 29 / day
Visitor half day € 19 / day


This month visitors can try out all our Brussels locations - free of charge!

From July 8th until July 31st

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Interested in an office at Alfons?